Camp Director Staff - Camp and Retreat

Mike Neff, Camp Director

Mike moved to Camp Ithiel in 1989 and serves as the primary caretaker and overseer of all camp operations. Mike studied at Miami University in Oxford, OH. A man of many hats, he does just about everything at camp. His leadership has profoundly impacted our ministry. Email Mike

Program Director Staff - Camp and Retreat

Marcus Harden, Program Director

Marcus became Program Director at Camp Ithiel in 2013. His primary responsibility is overseeing our summer camps. Marcus graduated from Florida State University. He is an unashamed Batman fan and is passionate about serving youth. Email Marcus

Board of Directors

Camp Ithiel is a not-for-profit organization that relies on our Board of Directors for leadership and guidance. The Board meets four times per year to discuss the ministry desires of Camp Ithiel to serve people through Jesus Christ!

Local Staff and Volunteers

For more than 70 years Camp Ithiel has relied on the faithful efforts of people who have dedicated their time, skills, and energy to lovingly care for this important ministry. From cooks and cleaners to lifeguards and mowers, we are blessed by the support of local staff and (resident and winter) volunteers who keep Camp Ithiel alive and active throughout the year. They are an integral part of our ministry. Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Summer Counselors and Support Staff

Our Summer Camp Counselors are godly young men and women who have at least finished their first year of college by the beginning of summer or are at least age 19. Year after year we seek the finest and most gifted young adults. We are very selective in choosing our staff. We require from each applicant an essay application, interviews and a comprehensive background check.

If you have recommendations for either camp counselor or for any of our other vital summer support staff positions (lifeguard, photographer, worship leader, summer intern), then please contact Camp Ithiel and let us know. Serving on summer staff is a greenhouse of faith development. Visit our Summer Jobs page for more information.


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