Camp Ithiel is committed to providing a safe experience for all participants. For the health and well-being of every person who uses Camp Ithiel’s facilities, the following camp policies must be observed by rental groups using our facilities.

  1. All groups must have a person currently certified at least in standard First Aid, or the equivalent, on site at all times participants are present.

  2. An adult currently certified in age-appropriate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or the equivalent, on site at all times participants are present.

  3. Food and drink are not permitted in bedrooms.

  4. Smoking is only permitted outside of the buildings. All smoking materials must be extinguished with care before entering buildings.

  5. Drugs, such as alcohol, or other mind altering substances are not permitted on the site.

  6. Pets are not permitted on the site except by special permission of the Camp Director.

  7. Firearms, weapons, explosives, or fireworks are not permitted at the site.

  8. Gas and liquid flammables, or poisonous materials must be stored separate from food in covered, safe containers, plainly labeled as to the contents. These materials shall be handled only by persons experienced in their safe use.

  9. Power tools are not permitted on the site except under the direct supervision or use of the staff.

  10. Air conditioners are restricted to RVs, campers, or trailers.

  11. Any group using the pool or waterfront must provide adult supervision at all times, and provide a certified lifeguard. Lifeguards may scheduled through the camp, all lifeguards shall be oriented to the site, rescue equipment, and emergency procedures prior to use of the pool or waterfront.

  12. Swimming and wading are not permitted in the lake.

  13. Vehicles are not permitted on the grounds. All vehicles are to stay on the camp drive or in the parking area. No motorized bikes or carts are permitted on the grounds.

  14. Transportation of participants in vehicles not designed for passengers is forbidden on the site.

  15. No Transportation of participants in push carts, on vehicle hoods, tailgates or running boards.

  16. Pianos, Organs, or beds may not be moved. They are heavy and easily damaged.

  17. Only bunk beds with guard rails designed to prevent occupants from accidentally rolling out of bed shall be used by persons 16 years and younger.

  18. All guests are responsible for keeping their living and meeting area clean.

  19. Quiet hours are from 11 P.M. to 7 A.M.

  20. Living areas which house other groups than your own are off-limits.

  21. Meal times will be 8:30 A.M., Noon, and 5:30 P.M. unless a time change is agreed upon at least five days in advance of occupancy.

  22. Unless agreed to in advance, check-in is after 5 P.M. and check-out is before noon.

  23. In order to follow health standards, only cooking staff are permitted in the kitchen; furthermore, use of the kitchen, other than Camp Ithiel staff, must be authorized in advance by the Camp.

  24. The RENTER is required to acquire permission from copyright holders before using copyrighted materials on the premises.

  25. Recreational uses of shaving cream and dye are strictly prohibited.

  26. Cameras are to be restricted from use in bathrooms.

  27. Attaching of any items, decorative or otherwise, to the walls is not allowed unless using designated bulletin boards and cork strips. (No tacks, duct tape, no staples)

  28. Use of smoke machines or dry ice are prohibited in the Kramer Dining Center as they will trigger the fire alarm and shut off the heating and cooling.

  29. Only CHASE or PARADISE (no drip) candles allowed to prevent wax dripping on floors.

  30. Chocolate fountains are prohibited in the Kramer Dining Center due to the burden of cleaning up the drips that result.

  31. Writing on cabin bunk beds is strictly prohibited. Please encourage your group not to.

  32. Infractions of any of these policies shall be grounds for immediate dismissal of use.


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