How do I register for camp?
Register online. This is the fastest way to register and to ensure that your child gets a spot in the camp experience they want. THERE IS NO PROCESSING FEE added to your balance at the end. We recognize that some tech-wary parents & grandparents prefer registering the old fashion way. If that’s you, call (407) 984-7390 to request a paper form. To register for one of our day camp experiences, get in touch with the Host Church to register.

How do I get a username and password for My Account?
You create an account upon the start of registering online. You will be prompted to create one after selecting the camp experience your child will participate in. All current and previous campers who have registered online already have an account with a username and password. Login at the My Account link. If you are not sure you have one, click on "Forgot Your Password."

Do you offer discounts?
Yes! There are two discounts. (1) Early Bird Discount is available to anyone who registers before May 15. Standard rates apply thereafter. (2) Bring-A-Buddy Discount. Invites a buddy to come with you and receive $30.00 off your registration. Buddy must not have attended camp within the last three years. Additionally, you as the inviter cannot be requesting financial assistance from Camp Ithiel to qualify for this discount; however, outside financial assistance is permitted. Discount only applies to inviter.

I’m not sure if I can afford to send my child to camp. What are my options?
We understand that sometimes financial assistance is needed. If that is your family, please fill out and submit the Scholarship Application. Note that scholarship amount given will be no less than the general non-refundable $75.00 deposit. Scholarships are only available for overnight resident camps (Kids, Junior, Junior High, and Senior High).

My child is nervous about coming to camp. What should I do?
Attend the scheduled Open House so your child can see the camp and become familiar with lead staff while making new friends before camp. If you are unable to make it, schedule a Tour—we are happy to show you around. Look through the website and brochure to see photos of activities and descriptions of camps. If your child has never been to camp before, have him/ her ask a friend to come along to make them feel more secure. Finally, assure your child there will be other first time campers too. They are not alone!

Is there a general packing list?
Yes! We’ve made it easy for you. Use this Packing List to get your child ready for camp.

What time should I drop them off?
Please drop your child off at the appropriate checkin time for their camp. View the Drop Off/ Pick Up page. You will have to wait with your child should you arrive before drop off time.

Can I stay in the same cabin with my best friend?
Most of the time, yes. Just note their name on your form. If you bring a friend that does not know anyone else at camp, make a note of that and they will be in your cabin. Please note this does not mean you and your friend will be in the same small group. Having everyone in small groups with their requested friends leaves the rest of the campers out. Hey – you will love to meet some new friends!

How can I contact my camper while they are at camp?
Email and write your camper’s full name in the subject line. Or address a letter to:

Camper’s Name
Camp Ithiel
P.O. Box 25
Gotha, FL 34734

Do I need to attend a Church of the Brethren congregation to attend Camp Ithiel?
No. We serve campers from many denominations as well as non-churched campers. We are a camp where everybody’s welcome!

Do I mail in my Health Form?
The Health Form is part of the registration process. Please provide as much details as possible. This portion of registration is crucial for our Office to have.

Can I call my child when they are at camp?
We strongly encourage your camper’s independence while at camp. 95% of the time, campers are fine after the first day. We have found that this question is really more for the parent. While we will not keep you from talking to your child over the phone, please understand the challenge calls from home bring to a camper (often leading to homesickness) and camp staff. If your child is homesick, a camp staff member will call you if we feel it necessary. We work with many homesick campers and are very sensitive to their needs.

Can my child bring a cell phone to camp and call me?
No. We collect cell phones upon checkin and return them before they go home. There is a phone in the office campers can use in cases of emergency only. It is best that campers just leave cell phones and any other electronic devices home.

How old are your counselors and what type of training do they have?
Most of our counselors are in their second year of college and older. All our staff go through training where they learn about our camp culture, policies, and child protections.

Do you check on the background of summer staff before you hire them?
We do a National Criminal Background check on all volunteers and summer staff. Review our Safety Plan for more details.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?
In the event that you should need to cancel a registration, you will receive a refund of fees paid minus a $75.00 non-refundable deposit. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 15 days of the camp date.

Is your waterfront safe?
We have a fully trained lifeguard and a helper on duty when boating. All boaters are required to wear a lifejacket.

If I bring a neighbor or school friend with me, and they only know me, can they be in my cabin?
Absolutely! Please make a note on the registration form and we will put you together.

Can I attend more than one week of camp each summer?
Yes, if there are options available for your grade level.

Is there more than one adult in the cabin with the campers?
Yes, there are at a minimum of two counselors in the cabin.

How much money should I bring to camp?
We think $20.00 is enough for the camp store. Please bring in a white envelope labeled with your child’s name, how much is inside, and identified as camp store money. All money is collected upon registration and is brought out when camp store opens. The remaining balance is returned upon checkout.

What is offering for?
Every year our camper’s and staff collect an offering to go towards a ministry organization we believe is taking Jesus seriously. 100% of gifts collected is given to them. You are invited to give what you can. How much is entirely up to you. Sometimes campers are not able to give anything—that is fine, too. It is not required that you participate in the offering, but it is greatly appreciated. Please bring in a white envelope labeled with your child’s name and identified as offering.

What are sleeping arrangements like?
We have two dorms at camp. Inside each dorm are two rooms. Inside each room are at least 30 bunks. Campers stay in cabins with their small group and counselor along with another small group and their own counselor. Bedding is needed for bunk beds. Sleeping bags work fine but be sure they are not meant for winter sleeping. All cabins have bathrooms. The boys stay in Pathfinder dorm and the girls in Trailblazer dorm.

What happens during storms?
We pay attention to the weather, and we have the ability to notify staff members of any need to take shelter. In the event of bad storms, we will move everyone indoors while monitoring the weather until all storms have passed. The fun does not stop just because everyone is indoors. We have rainy-day activities to keep campers occupied and happy.

My child is on medications. How do I send them?
We collect all medications upon checkin, except for asthma inhalers. A record is made of when medications are supposed to be distributed to each camper. Medications are handed out at all meal times and before bed at night, as needed. Medications MUST be in their original containers with dosage labeled. Our Office has basic medical supplies, but campers are encouraged to bring along cough drops, suntan lotion, mosquito lotion and other basic items they might need. Please instruct your child in proper application of lotions. If you have concerns about medical issues, please contact us at (407) 984-7390.

What about special dietary needs?
Not a problem. We accommodate a number of campers with dietary needs. Note their diet on the registration form and give us a call.

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